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QA/QC Introduction

Our company has established the technology quality department and the perfect quality control system, according to the enterprise standard Q/320500KY01-2002. We follow every step from materials and components purchasing to products shipment.

We have also set up the specialized inspection on the key processes to ensure the quality meeting the customers' needs. And 70%-80% of our products are sole to the USA, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe.

Test Equipment and Facilities

Name:High Precision Digital Measuring Microscope
1) Measuring scope: 100 x 100cm
2) Measuring precision: 0.0001mm
3) Magnification: 10 x 10, 20 x 10, 50 x 10, 100 x 10
Name:Multifunctional Magnetic Head Testing Equipment
Description:It is mainly used in all kinds of function and quality inspections of magnetic heads, which can test the reading output, resolving power, S/N, writing current of write head.
Name:LCR Data Bridge
Description:LCR data bridge includes CPU and software system, which can test L, C, R and Q values with average error of + / -0.25%. It can automatically select the measuring scope, identify inductance and capacitance.
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