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Research and Development

Our company has set up a technical R&D department consisting of 4 engineers and 1 technician, specializing in the research and development of special magnetic heads.

We have such main equipment as high precision digital measuring microscope, multifunctional magnetic head testing equipment and precision profile modeling.

Our main products include 1.2.3-track read head, write head, read write head, ATM head, 4-track read write head (used in airport ticket system), check machine head, MICR head, ticket machine magnetic head (used in garden and railway, etc.)

At present, our R&D department is striving for the development of new products featuring high coercive force, long life and strong adaptation in complex environment.

Equipment and Facilities

Name:Precision Profile Modeling
Description:Made in USA, ingressive: 2.5/ scale
Name:High Precision Digital Measuring Microscope
1) Measuring scope: 100 x 100cm
2) Measuring precision: 0.0001mm
3) Magnification: 10 x 10, 20 x 10, 50 x 10, 100 x 10
Name:Multifunctional Magnetic Head Testing Equipment
Description:It is mainly used in all kinds of function and quality inspections of magnetic heads, which can test the reading output, resolving power, S/N, writing current of write head.
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