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Magnetic head

Product Details:
Place of Origin                       Jiangsu,China(mainland)
Brand Name                           2M
Model Number                       2M-2R
Payment & Shipping Terms:
 Price:                                                     Get Latest Price  
Minimum Order Quantity:                  500Piece/Pieces
 Port:                                                        Shanghai 
 Packaging Details:                               Normal carton
 Delivery Time:                                       On time 
 Payment Terms:                                       L/C,T/T,Western  Union
 Supply Ability:                                        10000Piece/Pieces per Week
Detailed Product Description

Magnetic Card machine read head series

  1-, 2-, 3-track read head series used in POS (point of sales), magnetic card readers/writers, credit/debit cards
 2M-1RXXXX-1 series (1-track read head series):
Outline dimensions: 11.0mm x 8.0mm (L x W)
Head height: 8.0mm to 9.7mm
 2M-2RXXXX-1 series (2-track read head series):
Outline dimensions: 11.0mm x 8.0mm (L x W) 
 Head height: 8.0mm to 9.7mm

    2M-3RXXXX-1 series (3-track read head series):

   Outline dimensions: 11.8mm x 11.0mm (L x W)
       Head height: 8.0mm to 9.7mm

     Main parameters include inductance, DC resistance, gap width and more. Adjustable as follows:

      Inductance from 16 mH to 110 mH

        DC resistance from 20 ohm to 350 ohm

       Normal lifetime (500,000 times) and long-lifetime (more than 1,000,000 times) technology support(sendust).

   Core: permalloy, sendust

  Products ID include s is sendust.

  We supply several mounting brackets for read heads.


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